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Genetically identical triplets born in Britain. It’s 200 million-to-one chance!

The triplets are born in Britain, and their mother is the only one who doesn’t mix them up. 
Becki-Jo Allen couldn’t believe 100% identity, so she performed a DNA analysis. The results shocked the whole world.
In terms of genetics, absolute identity makes 200 million to one chance. Scientists claim such children are rare. Conceiving triplets without assistive technology is a rarity as well, but the 100% identical triplets are something unbelievable.
Becki’s family never got even twins, so there was no way she expected triplets looking like two peas in a pod. Or rather three peas.

source: http://www.saydtruth.com/2016/08/genetically-identical-triplets-born-in.html
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