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Why Do Nigerian Adults See Having A "Nice Haircut" As Being Rascally?

Why do Nigerian adults most especially parents and all those "aproko" aunties and uncles see having a nice haircut as being irresponsible. I came back from school doning my fresh Christmas haircut feeling fresh and cute only for my pops to see me and react like he saw the ghost of Herbert Macaulay, there and then he told me that he and I cannot stay in the same compound if I don't lower the hair.

 For crying out loud is there any gold standard when it comes to male hair? I for one think the same way ladies make their hair with different styles to look good, so also should a guy be able to have a haircut that makes him look cute and goodlooking. I have noticed this a lot, even people who are not close to you or anything give you a disapproving look  What's your say people?

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