2 Men Who Use Juju To Grab Lands Murdered In Anambra (Graphic Pics)

As shared by Luchi......

'This is a heartbreaking News (just wish that the people of Anambra state will Do something about This and also put these people where they belong This is so inhuman 
Attached is the dissected and lifeless body of Obalim Ezudu of Umuchegbuo kindred of Eziagulu Village Aguleri,the home town of the Governor of Anambra State.
Obalim and Chief Jude Uba were killed on the 11th day of March, 2017 by the CABAL. This Cabal, a group of land grabbers, will take your land and kill you if you try to resist them. They will annihilate or murder anyone who challenges them and nothing will happen. They are above the law. They are the Governor's brothers. Their brothers are highly placed in the Anambra State Government.
Late Obalim and Chief Jude Uba, on the 11th day of March, 2017, took men of the Nigerian Police Force to arrest some members of the Cabal at Eziagulu over a land dispute, little did they know that not even the police scares these hoodlums. Right before the police men, these hoodlums swooped on Chief Jude and butchered him like a goat. While he was still gasping for breath, they chopped off his hands and legs as they watch him bled to death. Thereafter, they burnt his remains to ashes. The police men fled for their lives.

In his attempt to escape from these barbarians, Obalim ran to the river bank, but he was unlucky. 
These barbarians cut up with him and in a bid to 'punish' him for daring them, they cut open his abdomen, removed his intestine and made him watch as they do that. Obalim was still breathing when his assailants threw him into the Omabala river.
These hoodlums now roam the streets of Aguleri freely, and true to their boasting, none of them has been arrested. Everybody is keeping mute, 
i just wonder Y people Stil fight over land issues;in This civilized world but Stil.no1 has the right to take another mans life(JUSTICE IS THE KEY )'.

One of the people who commented on the post named Uchenna gave a different account of what happened.According to him,the victims have been terrorising their kindred by selling their lands.They scared people with their juju.He argued that the deceased were killed by the elders of the community.He wrote...

'This is gross misinformation,madam get ur fact straight because even the police that followed them ran because it's illegal operation, this deceased dudes has been terrorizing their kindred by selling their lands and scaring them with diabolical powers, the people that killed them are the elders who raised the matter and they wanted to oppress them with Police not knowing that their end was nigh, please Miss Iwunze Luchi visit the clan/kindred involved to get your facts because they are celebrating their death even in diaspora. Thanks'

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