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In marriage it is said that many distractions will come that can tarnish the future of any union, it is left to the couple to allow this distractions or not.

This days, many posts flood the internet as regards "how to do this", "how to know this", steps to do this" steps to know that" etc in a relationship which is advisable that married men and women should avoid in order to avert issues in the home.

Not that the posts are always not right but because they can do more harm than good as trust is expected to be the foundation of any great relationship.

Here are sample title of some of these posts:

1. Steps to know that your spouse is cheating.
2. How to be sure he/she is your child
3. How to know if your spouse is lying.
4. How to know if your spouse trust you.

Learn to discard any topic(s) related to those above or anyone you notice can cause issues in your home at first sight.

This is because even if you are not having any doubt about your spouse some of this topics can convince and confuse you and at the end you blame yourself meanwhile the writer is in his/her abode enjoying the little amount generated from you reading his/her post in addition with the input of others.

Learn to trust your spouse unless he/she gives you indisputable evidence not to trust them, don't let writers who depends on you being fooled to feast on you because even without them writing it the truth will definitely come out one day.

This is also applicable to those in serious relationship, don't give room for distractions, pray and use your brain when necessary.

I don't see the essence of wrong suspicion or accusation led by what you have read when it can lead to destruction of the home you toiled so hard to build and at the end you blame yourself, don't forget the stain caused may not easily go off and that is if it will completely in case the accusations and suspicions are completely wrong.

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