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9 Terrible Blogging Mistakes That You Should Never Make

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1. Idea generation in the wrong direction.
You can have the spark of an idea at any time of day. Whether you are driving, or watching movies, or speaking with your boss, an innovative blogging topic may hit you. But that does not ensure success. An innovative idea only has the proper implication when it perfectly merges with your business and/or brand proposition.
Always Let your blog serve your company goals.

2. Your writing style is very stiff.
Blog writing is not like book writing or research paper composition. At the initial stage, you may be very confused by the writing patterns. You must be aware of the fact that your blog is the solution to the problems that people are searching for online. If the writing style is very stiff, people cannot enjoy reading it.

3. You think people care about your idea.
I know this sounds rude, but it’s the truth. If you think that people are interested in what you have to say, you are wrong. Until you can create your brand, they don’t care about your content. Your readers only search for their queries, and they are only interested in the value they are earning.
So Reflect your personality in your writing.

4. Don’t write about broad topics.
At the beginning of your career as a business blogger, you may have chosen broad topics:
How To Make Money Online
How To Start Blogging
Social Media Best Practices
It’s going to be difficult for you to really dive deep into these topics, especially if you’re only starting out yourself. If you do not also cover the minute details, your content quality will be very diluted. Don’t choose broad content ideas for a business blog.

5. You are not using exact data.
If you need to make an argument, you’ll need context. The validity of your point must be more credible, and that cannot be possible without sufficient data.
For example:
People are using Instagram more nowadays. In the U.S., Instagram usage is supposed to grow 10.6% this year, compared to the 3.1% growth of the social network sector.
Data-driven contentis much more useful to root the trustworthiness of the points you discuss.
Therefore Use data and research to back up your argument.
To get reliable data, you must go through research papers and find out key data points to support your arguments. This data must be relevant to your content, and readers must be enriched by this data.

6. You are careless about plagiarism.
After the Panda update, thin or duplicate content has been penalized heavily. Plagiarism was never rewarded in school, and it won’t be rewarded for a business blog.
Many bloggers who imagine escaping with a copy/paste process don’t know that Google bots are highly alert. They will heavily penalize your blog and rank it down in the organic search engine listings.
So Learn to cite your sources.
Sometimes you have to refer to other content or stats to enrich the content’s logic in your business blog. You should learn how to cite content from another source on your site.
Things to do:
Quote the original author.
Give the credit for their idea.
Mention the source.
It is not at all super complicated. You just need to practice the process.

7. You forget to revise.
After writing a piece of content, most bloggers just publish it.No! You need to read it again.
Edit the content once more after writing.
After writing content, invest 30 minutes more in editing that content. It will clean your piece from grammatical and sentence construction errors. You must fix the typos and check the flow of the content.
What you need to check:
Topic selection
Article structure
Copy editing
Supporting elements
Title selection
SEO friendliness

8. You are not consistent.
You perhaps already know that the more frequently you update your content, the more visits you will receive.
This consistency matters a lot. If you have updated five blogs in a week, the next week the number cannot go down to one or two. It will confuse your readers.
You must make writing your blog a consistent habit. You have to plan your content in advance by making sure it is consistent with your marketing strategy.

9. You are writing the wrong thing.
Bloggers, beginners or pros, are very conscious about traffic. After the initial spike that comes from publishing new content is over, many bloggers start to wonder why that traffic is not steady.
It is very natural for you to lose hope when you find that your old blog contentis not aggressive enough to draw in more traffic.
Focus on the cumulative potential of organic traffic.
Rather than focusing on the short-term traffic, you must focus on the potential organic traffic of the future. Your content selection must focus on evergree n content.
This will generate long-term traffic. This will help even out the spikes.
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