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4 Reasons Why Your Next Phone Should Be a Chinese Phone

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Samsung, HTC and LG have been the leading android phones in the past decade. They have served us well as its time to say goodbye to this overpriced phones.

It’s time for a new era of Chinese phones to usurp the likes of Samsung. If I was Told that I will use a Chinese phone four years ago, I would have laughed in the Face of the person telling me. Four years now and smiling because Of my Tecno Camon Cx (Chinese phone).

A place where I can get the phones with the highest specs at a lower price is Worth switching to. I have recommended some phones to my friends who were hardcore HTC and Samsung fans and now they keep calling to thank me.

A lot of readers might still be at the edge of moving to the Chinese side but need.  A little extra boost. Thank the heavens today is your lucky day because you will be given the Morale you need to move to the other side. Don’t thank me yet read the reasons

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Cheap price!

What made me switch was the fact that, one couldn't get a great Smartphone. Without breaking the bank. But the advent of Chinese phones like the Lenovo P780 with superb specs that boast of a 5-inch display and 8 core processor. For just $160 is fantastic! So what are you waiting for?

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Different from the rest
We all want to be seen with unique phones that are not from the major phone. Companies like apple, blackberry at least using a different phone from this Giants make people look at you different in a special way. From rich variety of colours to unique designs will make people's mouth Filled with water, that is a boasting right at least when you are not in a competition of buying the new iPhone 6 or Samsung with friends and foes.

New ideas

When all the major phone companies are at each other’s throat complaining Of a copied design patent from each other, which we don't really know who is copying who. Chinese phones, on the other hand, were creating new designs that would shape the android Into an exciting phone we knew 5 years ago.

If you take a look at the latest phones buzzing now are phones like the xiaomi, oppose and Nubia among others. With premium feel, great specs and quality hardware there’s no place better Option than move to this side.

Finally, thanks for reading this article thus far. You can share the article if you’ve enjoyed it. Let me hear what you have to say.

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