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4 types of Ladies Who Are Only Relevant In The living room and The Other Room

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Every lady has a strong relevance in her home in every aspect but there are some groups of ladies who have chosen to relegate themselves to either the kitchen or the other room and I will quickly give a run down of these types of ladies.

1.The slay queens

While the world is busy celebrating ladies who are making great positive impact with their brains,this set of ladies are seriously busy flaunting their sexual features and body curves on and offline.

To them it's about their hot bodies and the number of likes they get...some will upload videos and pics of their body just to attract randy guys but unfortunately that is all they have to bodies which ofcourse can only be relevant in the other room.

I want every slay queen to understand that flaunting your sexual assets will only portray you as a s.x toy and ofcourse you will definitely be toyed with.

Guys are wiser now and they know that your hot body on display is for bedroom affairs and they will gladly do justice to it while looking out for a real lady whose relevance is far beyond the bedroom.

2.The Gold pickers:

Gold picking is a term I use for ladies who are only looking for made guys to dump their bukata on...this set of ladies are lazy and they lack the drive to be financially independent but all they do is scout for a man to buy them and fortunately, the willing guys do come for them and use them as a bought product just to discard them after they have been thoroughly sampled in the other room....afterall, the guy needs to get good use of his money since that is why you are with him.

3.The Runzgirl and love peddlers:

These set of ladies have made up their minds to be the other room object just to be paid for it which makes them officially custom made for the other room.

4. The Full time house wives:

While many people may see this as an odd one,it is pertinent to know that there is a great difference between a house wife who is self reliant and a full time house wife who has lost herself in the bid to be a housewife.

Being a full house wife is a big job on its own but If you are doing nothing to add to what your hubby brings to the table then
you will only be relevant in the kitchen,the living room and the other room and until you do something to be financially independent and also strive to be who you are meant to be,then you should take fate and put more effort to be more relevant only in these rooms.

Ladies should understand that guys are no longer interested in just bedroom affairs but what you have to offer and as long as the guys know you have nothing else to offer except your body...then you will be relegated to the other room.

Every woman must strive to be an achiever and very financially independent so that her position in her home,her marriage and society at large will transcend beyond the kitchen,the living room and the other room.

Hope this makes sense?
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