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We are happy to announce that Joseph Ayo Babalola University (JABU) has started the first of its kind. Towards the upcoming JABU Awards that will hold on 10th of June 2017, students of the institution are now privileged to view their nominees online rather than on mere paper form. 

This post is actually for you to know your nominees and drop your opinions/comments about it. So kindly support your nominees and the students at large by sharing this post with them.

Most handsome
a. Talabi kelvin - Computer Science 400level
b. Nesta - History and International Studies 400level
c. Bayo - Architecture 500level
d. Monday (Jackie) - Political Science 400level

Most beautiful
a. Chiamaka - Economics 400level
b. Doyin - Economics 400level
c. Grace Idowu - International Relation 200level
d. Karen John - Law 300level

The face of Jabu
a. Apata - Law 400level
b. Kelvin talabi - Computer Science 400level
c. Dami oladele - Architecture 500level
d. Clinton - Mass Communication 400level

Ebony male
a. Sheddy - Computer Science 200level
b. Bobby - Political Science 400level
c. Olopa - History 400level
d. Isolak - Political Science 400level

Ebony female
a. Tosin - Accounting 400level
b. Eniola - Computer Science 400level
c. Dami Adeyosoye (Damsel) - Mass Communication 400level
d. Bolu - Economics 300level

Most popular male
a. Big Mo - Mass Communication 400level
b. Lala - Entrepreneurship 400level
c. Mog - Ecology 500level
d. Kogi - Economics 400level

Most popular female
a. Bridget - Political Science 400level
b. Justina - Law 400level
c. Star Girl - Accounting 300level

Most fashionable male
a. Ope Owolabi - Computer Science 400level
b. Moyo (Moyaj) - Architecture 300level
c. Ayomikun - English 400level
d. Adegboro Emmanuel - Architecture 500level

Most fashionable female
a. Miracle - Political Science 400level
b. Wande - Mass Communication 400level
c. Jumoke - International Relation 400level
d. Funke - Economics 400level

Sophisticated male
a. Lacoste - Computer Science 400level
b. Vido - Mass Communication 400level
c. Uche - Political Science 400level
d. Ayo ogunsote - History 300level

Sophisticated female
a. Soti - Acounting 400level
b. Rabiat - Political Science 400level
c. Fehintola - Agriculture Economics & Extension 400level
d. Faith Dimehin - English 400level

Influential male
a. Mog - Ecology 500level
b. Taiwo Anago (Bro. cord) - Accounting 400level
c. Tolu - Insurance 400level
d. Kogi - Economics 400level

Influential female
a. Esther Afolayan (Sis Cord) - Architecture 500level
b. Rabiat - Political Science 400level
c. Justina - Law 400level
d. Ife Hype - History 400level

Artist of the year
a. Tidaprince
b. Analog
c. Dapsin Nana
d. Kidberg

Entertainer of the year
a. Dj tomz
b. Explicit
c. Mafias
d. DJ labi

Best couple
a. Kelvin & Roseline
b. Malawi & Tobara
c. Deji and Success
d. Mog & Aanu

Best clique male
a. Kelvin & friends
b. Morgan & friends
c. Festus & friends
d. Olopa & friends

Best clique female
a. Shalom& friends
b. Kenduma & friends
c. Moro & friends
d. Tayo & friends

a. Aquila - Law 400level
b. Nesta - History 400level
c. Michael (Shoki) - Accounting 400level
d. Small - Mass Communication 400level
e. David (Ex-Boy) - Economics 400level

a. Promise - Economics 300level
b. Kiki - Political Science 200level
c. Eniola - Computer Science 400level
d. Excel - Mass Communication 300level

Clothing line
a. Yhurmie Wears
b. AOC
c. ACE
d. Republican

a. Chris Timmy
b. Victoria kilishi
c. Chops republic
d. Team hype

a. Kay Daniels
b. Midey manual
c. Dark horse visuals
d. 360 photos
e. Flames Touch

Chapel worker
a. Oni timi - Mass Communication 400level
b. Eyinmba - Quantity Survey 500level
c. Mog - Ecology 500level
d. Taiwo Anago (Bro cord) - Accounting 400level

Academic staff
a. Dr. Abifarin - Law
b. Mr. Revelation - Estate Management
c. Mr. Utulu - Mass Communication
d. Mr. Mike Illegbusi (papa) -Pol/Inter rel
e. Dr (Mrs) Igbalajobi - Agric & Extension

Non academic staff
a. Iya pupa (Cleaner)
b. Mrs. Babalola Alice
c. Suarez (Male Porter)
d. Mr. Dare (ICT)

Rookie of the year
a. Omoh
b. Adora
c. Jessy
d. Miss. Fresher
e. Mr. Fresher

a. Mr. Revelation - Estate Management
b. Mr. Dele - Public Relation
c. Mr. Reverend - Mass Communication
d. Mr. Dami Davies - Architecture Ms.c

Big & Bold
a. Big Sam - Mass Communication 200level
b. Joanna - Mass Communication 300 level
c. Desola - Law 400level
d. Grace - Sociology 400level

Most Sought After
a. Tinny - History and International Relation 400level
b. Skelewu - History and International Relation 400level
c. Dada faith - Law 300level
d. Dunsin - Bussiness Administration 200level

Ladies man
a. Clinton - Mass Communication 400level
b. Jaido - Computer Science 300level
c. Uche - Political Science 400level
d. Simi - Entrepreneurship 400level


Based on personal request, Miss. Joy Vincent's name has been removed from the Most Popular Female Category of JABU Awards 2017.
We sincerely tender our apology concerning this, but we want you to know that the nickname attached to her name was picked from nomination papers submitted to us by her fellow students.
We want it to be known that the nickname did not originate from any Student Union Executive or the owner of this Blog
Thanks for your undersatnding.

Oniyilo KehindeSUE President.

Please don't forget to drop your comments down at the page๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡. We value them a lot (It can also go a long way).


Signed by: JABU SUE
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  1. This is a university. I believe there should be at least an academic-based award.

    1. Omo you too dull ooo.. Shey dem dey nominate academic performance?

    2. Dull na understatement sef...

    3. i see your point but its more of a social event than an academic one.

  2. nice list. impressive especially with d corrections made earlier

  3. U guys didn't pick from biochemistry nor microbiology.....dtz bad ooo

  4. WTF!!! Please someone tell me why Rapheal Ajayi is not in sportsman of the year??? I can understand shoki but did small ever do anything athletic this year.........Even Nesta he played more girls this year than he has played football.....Ife most infulencial she cant even influence her make up to make her look decent talk less of crap yall!

    1. can't even spell it from the talents she helped a lot to discover or the the several opportunities she is still creating abi which do we still need to count...if it's the make up,check the meaning of influential then let your senses control your reasoning before your crippled fingers types your downfall on social media.

    2. Did you vote for that you are saying 'wor d fork' if you had put his name in your votes he's name would be here thank You!

    3. Don't mind that one that can't spell influential properly and looking for make up as influential, she's part of the the slay dem, pepper them gang, that thinks dressing and make up, is what makes you influential, don't find a way of adding back to the society, be slaying di**k and be peppering dem well, (anu รจhn shey mรจ)

    4. Probably to you, you've said something funny but I think you should use your time for something more reasonable instead of thinking for days to type something so dry like this...invest your brain to something much more better and I'm sure people like you ain't got any good cgpa instead use your time to read mumu!!

  5. Blood of Jesus!!!!... Take it easy na. @small, @nesta, and @ife most especially i think u guys need prayers.

    1. Their prayers have been answered you need deliverance

  6. Pls organizer review and make quick correction on the list of sportman of the year.....
    Base on logistics
    1- Ayayi Rapheal
    2- Shoki
    3- David (Military)
    4- Nesta

  7. Please ORGANIZERS review and mak correction to your list on sportman of the year...
    1- Ajayi Rapheal
    2- Shoki
    3- Military
    4- Nesta

  8. Wow sportman of the year? Very interesting ward to give out, but re some of the nominees rili qualify for this ward? Playing just football does not qualify you a bit to be the sportman of the year, or being the SPORT DIRECTOR also still do not qualify you for that AWARD. Well permit me to say the ORGANIZERS lack basic knowledge on how to make selection, or do they now pay for dere names to be part of the nominees, and also pay to get the AWARD? For the upcoming excos, take note, when you wanna nominate sum1for that post. You do it by MERIT, look at their achievement and contribution they put in for the SCHOOLN if none, then look at the SUE games, and the V.C games, it should not just be by playing football, but base on the little knowledge you have in other sports. That is what qualify you for this AWARD. And not just putting football players only just becos football is the major sport being played by 80% of the student, Beside find a way and put AJAYI RAPHEAL name and remove Aquila and Small, Tnk YOU

    1. I think i reason with you. You make a point there

    2. Did you vote? If not don't come here and complain, next time they give you form to fill, fill it with the names of people you want, all of you are just doing oju aye (eye service) here, you didn't vote for Raphael, if ya all did, he's name would be here...

    3. The man with the Knowledge when you get there (sue executives) make the change, but for now, don't judge

    4. How many sport do you run we run in jabu, am sure u re just new in this school? The most populous sport in jabu is football, when u become an executive build a track nd filed stadium for us, build a boxing ring for us, the lawn tennis sport self how many of u can play it, Basket ball is okay but, how many student dey watch basketball, be realistic

  9. Nada is always on point wen it deals with sport matters...

    1. Nada what sport do you play, ave been in this school for a while, am hearing this name for the first time, unfortunately it's on a blog am seeing it ?

  10. Next time the voting paper gets to you, you vote for people in your college, department and room, we didn't pick you all voted for them

  11. @Titiloye_Blog kindly help review the name on the jabu award listing for the fashionable category: its
    Adegboro Emmanuel - 500l Architecture.

  12. please try to put their pictures I only know few of them

  13. Who ever is looking for Nada should wait till next session u see me, I dnt make mouth, wat I do speaks for me, u dnt need to know my real name,

  14. And there is nothing anyone can tell me about SPORT in JABU, sorry not pride, but it is wat I do, and the list I drop was totally perfect base on merit