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Why Jumia Black Friday is the Best News to Nigerians in the Recession .

It may not have occurred to you that the Jumia black Friday is the most anticipated day for buyers. Not only in Nigeria but west & Northern Africa. 

You’ll agree with me that in this recession, people always look for the discounts. Fortunately enough the Jumia Black Friday gives users the chance to grab all they can before the stipulated time ends.
With that said, despite the Economy recession things are getting better. The prove is from the dollar fall as the Naira continue to soar high.

 Nevertheless, the Naira has been unstable and falls at almost the same time as it rises. What’s more, the Government do little to Nothing about that. 

Festive seasons in Nigeria is the most active days for buyers in Nigeria. For a country that enjoys celebrations from Christians and Muslims.

 As the celebration season draws near, you can bet right that customers will flood the market to buy products for the festive season.

But things are a little bit different now. Consumers are wary of how they whip their purse open to buy items. The price of products that were fixed has somehow increased closely to 75% of their initial price. 

It is surprising how products like Gala that had a fixed price of N50 is now N70. 

In the light of the above, Nigerian are now in search of not what’s best but cheap. 

Now Some of You Might Ask, How is Jumia Black Friday good new to buyers?

I will start by answering the question:

What is black Friday?

Wikipedia defines black Friday as “the day after Thanksgiving, regarded as the first day of the traditional Christmas shopping season, on which retailers offer special reduced prices”

I believe you understand what black Friday means. Still confused about Jumia Black Friday

Jumia is offering its users the chance to enjoy the benefits of black Friday on the Ecommerce store. The most amazing thing is Jumia has millions of products that range from clothing, cosmetics, fashions, mobile,tablets, laptops, electronics, home furniture and so much more. 

When you look at how consumers flock around in search of cheap local products and compare it to jumia original products that are going on sale for less than 50% of their original prices. But those bumper deals are one in a kind.

You’ll definitely agree that Jumia blackfriday is the best news in this recession

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