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Obituary Of Young Lady Killed By Trailer Driver In Aba (Photo)

As shared by May ...

I wonder the type of country this place is. The burial poster you see below is that of a 20 year old girl who died an untimely death on 13th March, 2017. She's from Amangwu Ohafia. A client brought her photo to our office to design her burial poster. The man narrated how the girl died to us. I don't know the girl but I was angry on hearing circumstances behind her death. The Incidence happened on 13th March, 2017 in EZIUKWU ROAD ABA, NEAR ZENITH.

She was killed by a trailer. The trailer driver was dragging his steering wheel with one of these TOUTS whom you may choose to call AGBORO guys who work for the government of the state under the umbrella of TAX FORCE. The story suggests that the driver might have refused to SETTLE the boys and that made one of them jump into the front seat and began dragging the steering with the trailer driver. Unfortunately, both lost control of the trailer, but it was now too late as the trailer knocked and ran over the girl who was by the roadside, though she ran on seeing that the trailer was no more in control, but the trailer met her there.

Police came, carried the corpse and are now demanding #200,000.00 before they would release the corpse ( though I don't know who is going to pay the stipulated amount, whether the driver, Tax force guys or the parents of the deceased).
I have seen such incidents severally where a tax force collector ( I don't really know what they're actually called and I don't even care to know ) on the road and on duty will have the guts and audacity to climb up any vehicle and begin to drag the steering with the driver, no matter the offence the driver committed. That is stupidity! Is there no better way to penalise drivers who are disobedient than dragging steering with them thereby causing FATAL accidents on the roads. Why would the government allow this sort of evil? And why would the government even be working with touts? It's only a tout that will ever think of dragging the steering wheel with a driver simply because he refuses to comply. It's so sad that the government of this state are the ones who empowers this AGBORO guys who go around molesting citizens.
Now, this girl is now in the GRAVE. She has lost her life because of the Zig-zag and poorly administrated government we have.
There should be an urgent check to this!
We don't want this TOUTS on the road again. They're killing people everyday. Government should act FAST before it gets out of control.
Thank You.
Pls Type R I P,.
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