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"know who you are and know it's enough". The issue of identity is without a doubt a major subject of Confusion facing the human race. Most people don't know who they are, hell they're not even aware they know not, they're not aware of their own ignorance. Deliberate efforts towards self-discovery can only be made after we find that we're actually missing something. A man must Know he knows not, only then can he Discover the Unknown. 

This malaise can, however, be attributed to the fact that we fail to understand the essence of being true, the essence of being you. I mean, how did we get to this place? how did our world get so bad that being a phony is recognized as the rule and real, the exception?

Recently, There's been some sort of fuss all over social media about natural hair. A lot of ladies have become relentlessly curious as to what this "boiling movement" is really about. The transitioning-to-natural-hair traffic has become what seems to be infinite. 

Being a long time naturalista myself, I must say categorically that this came to me as a shock, you know, the sudden excitement that has inundated the black community over accepting our kinky African hair and this has begged the question, Why Now?. (This is totally a subject for another day).

In my opinion, being natural isn't a subject of the physical, nor is it of race or culture or creed. It's a subject of the mind. It goes beyond a mere display of bountiful nappy hair by people of the African Decent or related (the racially ambiguous). It's more than just spending money on some overpriced hair product or starting up natural hair blogs to get popular. What then is really being natural? Being natural is the practice of daily accepting who you are, who you were created to be and making deliberate efforts towards developing and maintaining your God-Given assets, which includes your hair *winks*. 

If you have been wondering whether or not you want to go natural, the first and most important thing to do is to set your mind right, Get your head on straight and stop this incessant worrying that you can't be accepted for who you are, flaws and all. Decide to be you today, be you tomorrow and then repeat. 
Today, Decide to build on your natural gifts instead of completely isolating them for what the world has termed "acceptable" or "trendy" or "in vogue"(weaves). Refuse to join the bandwagon. There can be no other you, NEVER. You must harness that potential that has been deposited in your life, you must use that talent, Fulfil that purpose because no one else can. No one but you.

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