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Things To Consider When Choosing A Life Partner

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There are no laid down rules, formulae or principles for choosing a perfect life partner anywhere. Most times the choices are influenced by the peoples background, taste and religion.

Today i bring you some points that will go a long way in helping you choose a life partner, these may not work for everybody but will surely work for most people.

1. Values Compatibility: 
Every normal human should have a set of values to lead his life everyday, there are things, activities or lifestyle that you value. Before you choose a life partner, you should be sure your values don't contrast but are compatible.

2. Steady source of income:
Marriage isn't for boys/girls; it is strictly for men/women that have a sense of responsibility. You don't wanna get married and have your parents still feeding you, hence, there should be a steady source of income first before taking a life partner.

3. Social Compatibility: 
I keep telling my friends that my future wife will be my best friend as soon as we get married. She will be beside me anywhere i go and asides being my confidant, she will be my gossip mate. All these can only be possible if you two are socially compatible. 
Imagine telling your partner that Donald Trump, the President of America has 
shut his boarders against foreigners and she/he be like, "Has George Bush been changed?”. Social compatibility matters alot.

4.Spiritual compatibility:
Take a partner that will complement your spiritual life and not one that will undermine your efforts of spiritual growth.

5. Physical Compatibility:
How do you like your partner? Hourglass shape? Masculine with abs? Tall or short? Huge or petit? Go for what you want, because to each, his own. Don't make a choice today and say " this isn't what i bargained for” tomorrow. Physical compatibility matters.

6. Don't Limit Your possible Choices:
Some people for one silly reason or the other have sworn that that they can never marry outside their tribe, country or race. Thing is we are all human and some of us have our destinies tied outside our tribes,countries and races. 
Do away with the eyes of a tribalist or racist when choosing a partner, love is the ultimate and paramount reason.

Noteworthy is also the fact that people nowadays choose partners based on the size of their pockets. This is utterly an act of blindness because love is irreplaceable no matter the opulence. 
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