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Which Network Provider is Really the King of Data Plans In Nigeria 2017

If you are an average internet user in Nigeria then you must have come across adverts of either Airtel, MTN, GLO or ETISALAT claim to have the best internet plan package in the country. 

airtel data plaan
Mtn, Airtel, Etisalat & Glo

One mantra that Glo has picked today is the Grandmasters of Data. Their data bundles were the most affordable until the slashed the price of their data bundles. However, even before the slash Glo has been trolled to be the slowest plan to surf the internet with. 

MTN  & ETISALAT on the other hand are on the same boat. Their data plan prices are almost the same. Yet, the former seem to have a more affordable plan & good network coverage. 

Airtel seem to be different among the 4 major telcos in Nigeria. It seem to have an affordable plans but zaps up the MB as soon as you subscribe. Also, they give out more data bonuses that all the aforementioned networks. 

Today, I will make a list of Data plans and I’ll let you judge which data plan is the best in Nigeria.


Daily Mtn data plans

Get 30MB for N100 – Just dial #100
100MB for N200 – Simply dial *113# or text 113 to 13 

Monthly Data Plans

1.5GB for N1,000 – Simply Dial *106# or text 106 to 131
3.5GB for N2,000 – Dial *110# or text 110 to 131


Etisalat Daily Data Plans

N50 for 10MB – Dial *229*3*8# or SMS M11 to 229
N500 for 200MB – Dial *229*2*12# OR SMS LCD to 229
 N500 for 1GB (weekend plan) – Dial *5995*2#

Etisalat Monthly Data plans 

N1000 for 1GB – Simply Dial *229*3*11#
N2,000 For 3.5GB – Simply Dial *229*2*8# 


Glo daily data plan 

N50 for 30MB – To subscribe dial *124*14#
N100 for 100MB – To subscribe dial *127*51#
N200 for 200MB – to Subscribe dial *127*56#

Glo monthly data plans 

N1000 for N2GB – To subscribe dial *127*53#
N3000 for N4GB – To subscribe dial *127*55#


Airtel daily data plans 

N100 for 30MB – Dial *410#
N200 for 50MB – To subscribe dial *412#
80MB for 300 (weekly bundles) – Simply dial *417#

Airtel monthly data plans

N1000 for N1.5GB – to subscribe simply dial *496#
N2,000 for N3.5GB – dial *437# to subscribe
N2500 for N5GB – dial *437*1# to subscribe

Finally, you can make your verdict from the data  rate prices. 

Don’t forget to put the network bandwidth when making your final decision of which Network provider has the best data plans in Nigeria.
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