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Apply These 4 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Blog Traffic

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Getting traffic to your blog is not about keyword, lot of people still don't understand these, because I got an email from someone would said I just found your blog after discovering that my two blogs are not getting any traffic at all, do I have to change something or perhaps Google just ignore me for some reason. 

I wanted to address this question because getting your blog noticed on Google is not as easy as making a blog and just hoping that it gets rank in search engine, you really need to work hard to actually get your blog ranking in search engine. you can not just publish content and expect traffic to come to you. 

blogging takes a ton of work and it takes a lot of time and dedication, so I want to share with you a couple ways to get more traffic to your blog and maybe increase your search engine ranking in the process.

Step 1: The Content People Can Share Not Using Keyword

you need to start creating content that people can share, I have like 10 article on this blog that as being reposted to other places and then link back to this blog. sharing is probably one of the most important things these days in 2017 moving to 2018 that you can do to help yourself rank in search engine. is not all about keyword anymore, keyword still helps but that is not how is it anymore. because things are very different now than it was 5 to 8 years ago. you really need to be creating content that people can share.

So how do you create content that people can search?

you can either create a post that would solve the problem for somebody, use your expertise or your experience to explain something. you can check Pinterest to see what other people are sharing and see what kind of post get a lot of pins or traffic. so make sure whatever you are sharing is appropriate to your blog, you don't want to drift away from your whole topic of your actual blog.

once you create the content that people can share, you also want to share that content yourself on social media website. you do not have to signup for every single social network, I do suggest trying out a bunch of them to see which one work best for you and for your blog.

you can join Twitter chat, if you check the trending topic in twitter sidebar you will see difference hashtag, and a lot of the time those are trending conversation or chat you can join and get people who are also in the conversation to interact with you and interact with them and is just a nice way to know other people on Twitter.

Step 2: Interact In Comment Section

Make sure you visit other blog and interact in the comment section and leave a different comment on some of your favorite blog it helps you to get noticed by other blogger and also help other commenters become awhile of your blog. make sure you read the article just to get an idea on what to write in the comment section, don't use a word like nice one or thanks for sharing. a lot of people do that because they don't read the article and that is the reason why they are struggling to get traffic or backlink to their blog.

if you leave a good 100 words comment on a blog, other commenters will reply to your comment and some will definitely check out your blog to see what you have in there. am saying this from my experience because I checked my traffic analysis and I see that 20% of my traffic is from 2 popular blogs where I left a comment some week ago and when I clicked that link to see the comment I left on those two blogs.

I was surprised if am the one who wrote that comment because it makes a lot of sense and related to the article and luckily the article actually ranking in number position on Google and that is a good opportunity for me to get tons of traffic from people who read that article.

so always make sure to leave a good comment on a blog, you may never know, that particular article may be ranking well in Google and people who read article also read comment before leaving their own comment and if your comment makes sense they might want to check out your blog to see if they can learn or benefit from you.

Step 3: Guest Posting, It Depend On The Traffic That You Want

you can find other bloggers who are similar in your niche and try to start up a conversation with them, I don't recommend just going around different blog and asking if you can guest post if the blogger as no idea who you are. is like a relationship building to get post on someone else blog because the blogger want to make sure your readership is on the same page and it gonna be benefit to the blogger as well. 

I really think before you start guest posting on site, you should do a search on the blog, you can send an email to the blogger just to get them to know who you are and I definitely think that would help build more relationship with them first. you might find some site where you can guest post that doesn't care who you are, they are just looking for content but it depends on the kind of traffic you really want for your site.

some people don't like to submit their article to other blog, they think instead of submitting their best content to other blog they should publish the content on their own blog to get the traffic and ranking. but you need to understand that, the blog you guest post on is already ranking in Google than your blog, so the article you submit to them will rank very faster and get a lot of traffic redirecting back to your blog in the author bio. 

so make sure to use your keyword in your author bio so Google can rank you for that particular keyword.

Step 4: Join Community Or Group

Another thing you can do in the social media world is to join community or group. google plus as community which you should definitely check out because a lot of the time I would post something and I would also share it with those particular communities that I joined. for example, I join an SEO tips and blogging community, and anytime I publish a new content I will share my SEO tips post with them as well. so that is just an extra bit of traffic for you just from community alone.


as you can see is not about just creating a blog and waiting for the traffic to come in because that is not who it work at all. if you don't have time to do all those things then your traffic payoff is not going to be great, going into blogging takes a lot of works and if you don't work for it you will not see the result and it doesn't happen overnight. it would take some time and once you start getting growing you will feel confident doing what you doing and knowing what you are doing is actually working.
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