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Ifa Devotees Who Engaged In Fraudulent Activities Beg Alaafin 4 Forgiveness

We are your children - Oyo Ifa priests beg Alaafin

The Alaafin of Oyo of Oyo, Oba [Dr.] Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, has warned adherents of Ifa traditional religion to refrain from all acts
that are capable of bringing cherished traditions into disrepute.

Oba Adeyemi gave the warning when some Oyo Ifa priests who engaged in fraudulent practices sometime ago and were apprehended by security agencies besieged the palace for forgiveness.

The remorseful Ifa priests were led by renowned Ifa scholar and one-time Vice Chancellor of the former University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University, Professor Wande Abimbola.

He cautioned that porous awards of chieftaincy titles, especially to foreigners, by the Ifa priests must stop, adding that only irokin and white caps must be used in their installation, rather than the crown and staff of office as used to be the practice.

‘’No matter the mastery of Ifa traditional religion and proficiency of its practice and mythology, no practitioner has the right to confer on anyone the title of Ifa king and presents such person with staff of office. As Ifa priests, you are to interpret the oracle and not to confer chieftaincy titles. It is illegal and unconstitutional

The paramount ruler said it is highly ridiculous and unwelcomed to refer to traditional religions and their belief as being fetish and worshipping idols.

‘’Every culture has an explanation for the creation of the Universe. The Yoruba traditional beliefs see the world as a product of two connected worlds; the visible world of material life and the invisible spiritual world. The connection of these two worlds produces power that is called ASE in Yoruba cosmology’’.
For the Yoruba, Alaafin stressed that the Creator rules over the entire universe manifesting the elements of nature, adding that these indigenous beliefs and practices are a life philosophy and natural science.

‘’We see the relationship of man with nature and universe. Revealing the ways in which humans can be in harmony with the energies of nature and the universe. It is the basis for understanding the beginning and end of life.’’
Alaafin noted that all the elements of the visible world are symbolized as Orisa in the invisible world. using the instance of Sango, which he said the energy symbolized by light as a major element in creating the universe.

With the belief of re-incarnation, Oba Adeyemi argued that each of the Orisa after their ascendance soon revisited the earth with evidence.

Said he, ‘’our traditional religion is part of our heritage, which needs to be preserved and recognised. The frontal attack on Yoruba
religious, socio-cultural and spiritual traditions must be resisted.

Alaafin also cited the history of Ifa mythology and notable personalities of Ifa corpus both in Oyo town and other parts of the world.

While forgiving the Ifa priests, Alaafin urged them to be careful in order not to bastardise the culture and traditions.

Earlier in his short address, Professor Abimbola who expressed strong indignation over what he described as ‘’childish and unwholesome acts’’ of the Ifa priests, appealed to the Alaafin for forgiveness of their misdeeds.
However, the royal forgiveness was due to the intervention of Professor Wande Abimbola, the priests owned up to their wrong doings, gravity of their misdeeds not grievous, and their avowed resolution not to allow their despicable acts to repeat themselves.

It will be recalled that there had been reported cases in Oyo town concerning the activities of some Ifa priests from IJO IFA ADIMULA
TEMPLE, BARA in the ancient town, wherein unsuspecting foreigners who are genuinely interested in the Yoruba culture and traditions had been dubiously manipulated and misled into receiving a non existing and nebulous tittles, which is a matter of great concern.
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