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Ruth Bircham: "I Was Assaulted By Facebook Companion From Nigeria"

A suggestive fine-craftsman, Ruth Bircham, has blamed a Nigerian man for assaulting her in the U.K. The casualty through her Facebook posts on July 26, 2017, gave points of interest of how she progressed toward becoming companion with the man and the occurrences that prompted the assault.

As indicated by her, he put on a show to be her companion for a long time then he won her trust and afterward he assaulted her. 

Ruth unveiled the man's name as Olufemi Ali, who utilizes the name 'Femoral Aloral' on Facebook, where the casualty said she became more acquainted with him when he sent a companion demand to her and guaranteed that he needed to get her sensual craftsmanships. 

Read her story beneath… 

"On the 24th JUNE I WAS Assaulted BY a FIVE years Fellowship Of a FACEBOOK Companion FROM NIGERIA. 

I Don't accuse each Nigerian man for this Nigerian Attacker. this is the thing that transpired. Also, I feel so grisly numb. I can't trust it. 

On the off chance that this isn't assault, at that point what is called assault? 

What's more, he asked me what was up with my legs. As I strolled with the props into the lounge area, he said to me that he was stressed over the issues of my legs and what treatment that I was getting. I began to clarify, I sat on the sleeping cushion that was my alternative bed which was shaky, I offered him the PC seat to sit on, however rather he attempted to sit on my bedding and tumbled off it. 

I offered him the seat again and he said he was fine on the sleeping pad. I moved far from him, so that there was an enormous space between us, while I was disclosing the treatment to him, he. Inclined towards me and snatched my bosoms, I brushed his hand away and let him know not to touch me, No don't touch me i said. what's more, I endeavored to get up of the sleeping cushion to go after my braces, he said that he wouldn't touch me once more, so I disclosed to him that whenever he touched me he should go out. 

I keep on explaining the state of my legs and he came to over again and touched my bosoms once more, driving his hand down into my best, I instructed him to stop and to escape my home, he stood up, and I thought he would leave, at that point he pulled down his pants quickly I was stunned however I went after my supports to pull me up, he moved my bolsters far from me and pulled down my stockings and undies' in the meantime then he tossed his entire body weight on to my wounded body that was harmed from the fall. . 

He wedged his fat thick body between my legs and he pulled down his shorts, I was instructing him to get of me, to stop, get of me I yelled, what are you doing I solicited him, get from me. I pushed at him with both my joint pain fingers and carpal passage hands and arms to get of me however my hands hurt when I moved them to push him of me yet I keep pushing at him, I said no, no get of me, he inclined forward with his full thick body weight onto my wounded chest and ribs, and entered me, I couldn't feel anything and he was moving against me and saying I revealed to you I will Bleep you, I can do it in your arse, I said get of me no get off. I couldn't move my sprained legs as they hurt so much every time I moved them, I endeavored however they wouldn't move, I pushed at him with my unresponsive osteoarthritis fingers and hands yet he never ceased, and I felt numb and I more likely than not passed out, on the grounds that he was off me and there was an appalling solid smell and wetness between my legs and I felt rising regurgitation in my mouth and I couldn't move. 

At that point I heard him far away asking me where the washroom was, my ears felt numb and my eyes were obscuring and I said what? I couldn't get up I endeavored to get up and I couldn't get up. At that point he was upstairs then I heard him return and I got my supports and immediately moved as I thought he would assault me once more, at that point he backpedaled upstairs. My legs were giving without end and I slithered upstairs in light of the fact that the odor was so solid and I needed to upchuck I couldn't utilize the versatile can on the grounds that I took the evacuation capable segment upstairs that morning. So I slithered up the stairs staring me in the face and feet to the lavatory and pushed against the way to go in, and he was there and he said something however It sounded removed. What's more, I don't know how I got down the stairs and I don't realize what happened just that he was perched on my sleeping pad playing with his telephone then he gazed toward me I was inclining toward the door jamb holding my 2 supports taking a gander at him. He said grinning exquisite love making. I gazed at him and said that wasn't love making you assaulted me escape my home. Also, he kept on playing with his telephone. Furthermore, I remained there sitting tight for him to leave, at that point I don't recollect then we are both at the front entryway and he is taking pictures of me. I can't recollect what occurred after the photo taking, I felt hesitant to take a seat, at that point my legs gave far from underneath me and I dragged myself to sit in the receiving area and he returned into my home into the living room. I was apprehensive This is the thing that transpires on the 24th June 2017. I was assaulted and the law said that he is free… . 

I must be solid and be the most grounded individual ever, in light of the fact that I am not exclusively doing this for me. I'm doing it for each and every assaulted casualty on the planet and particularly in the UK this is unadulterated ailment"
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