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Boy, 7, rescued from washing machine after getting stuck while playing hide and seek

A 7-year-old boy got stuck in a washing machine while playing hide and seek with his sister.
The boy, whose name has not been released, was playing in the family’s flat in the city of Kharkov in eastern Ukraine. He crawled into the drum of the washing machine to hide but couldn't get out again so he began screaming for help. 
When none of his family was able to pull him out of the washing machine, they called emergency services for help. Four firefighters arrived and rescued the child by slathering his body in sunflower oil which helped him slide out unassisted.
Earlier, they used a plastic fan to give him more air as he was feeling claustrophobic inside the washing machine.
The rescuers checked him over when he slid out of the machine and once they were satisfied he had not been hurt they handed him over to his mother. The firefighters later paid tribute to the boy’s courage in shedding barely a single tear during the entire ordeal.
The rescue operation lasted about 20 minutes and was recorded by one of the firefighters on his smartphone.

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