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Do You Know How Much Facebook And Google Makes On You?

I was a bit shocked after watching this video. I guess you should also be. Let's try to make the best out of everything that we do or that we find ourselves doing. Whenever we use any social media platform, let's use it in a way that we should at least expect a positive return from it. Don't let us be idle at anytime on the social media. Tho, it is assumed that in this century, one cannot do without the social media. Because most of the products owned by reputable companies are advertised on this platform.  Even young/upcoming entrepreneurs are trying to earn a living by securing jobs on the social media.

Likely Questions;
Is facebook making money on me?
Is google making money on me?
Okay, how much do they make?
How can i prevent this?
How can i support this?
How can i build a software related to google and facebook?
How do i make money on google?
How do i make money on facebook?

All these questions will be answered in our next write up. Just follow up.

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