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How To Earn More Than What You Expected From Your Website/Blog


People ask, how is this blogging of a thing? How do you make your money from your blog? Is your cost (i.e. use of megabytes, time, effort, etc.) not greater than your revenue (i.e. the positive return)?
It’s better to be optimistic (expect the best from something/event) than to be pessimistic (expecting the worst outcome). Many people’s success is limited today because of they were pessimistically oriented.

If I tell you that blogging today is better than many office works, will you believe? The revenue many bloggers makes from blogging today has a better payoff than many white collar jobs. The most popular female blogger, Linda Ikeji, makes roughly about 50million naira monthly on blogging, did you know that? I was one day privileged to know one of the advertisement rates on Linda’s blog. Lo and Behold, what I saw surprised me and left me to a shock up to this present time. I asked her through email about how much she charges for a 300x250 advert placement on her site, and her reply baffled me when she said 900,000naira per month.

Please, even people doing office work that will wake up around 4:30 am and rush everything they do just because they don’t want to get to their offices late, do they get as much as this at the end of their service in a month (salary)? Don’t think too much, the answer is NO. And have it in mind that the ads on her blog show in about 20 places on her blog which will generate about 18million naira a month. However, there are other sources at which she generates her revenue from her blog.

1.      From Google AdSense
-          Ad mob: Adverts that runs on mobile apps by google
-          AdSense: Adverts that cut across sites/blog, YouTube videos
2.      From Sponsored Posts
3.      From Email Marketing
4.      From selling Ads spaces
5.      From Affiliate Programs
And others……..

Kindly download this E-book which will be of great help to you in knowing how to optimize these channels to the point of generating more revenues from your site/blog. Each of these channels will be explicitly explained in the E-book. For you to know how to optimize the use of the channels as listed above, you will have to make use of the E-book. It has also come to our notice that people try their possible best to avoid reading long unnecessary books (they want the book to be short as possible with the best resources in them). Therefore, I have made the e-book to be short at its best. Hurry to download now as it will be up for sale soon.

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