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How To Identify Google Adverts On Any Blog/Webiste

How To Identify Google Adverts On Any Blog/Website

Likely Questions;

  • What is the meaning of the icon “

” that shows on google adverts?

  • What is the meaning of the icon “

” that shows on google adverts?

  • What is the meaning of the icon “

” that shows on google adverts?

  • How to identify/know google adverts on any blog?

  • What are the image examples of google adverts?

Today, I will be showing you on how to identify Google advertisements on any website/blog. Many bloggers are always eager in knowing how to identify google adverts from the various adverts that display on a blog (some, for the purpose of telling users to click on them in order to get more revenue *fraud clicks*). Google adverts banners have a very unique icon that makes them standout from other adverts banner. There are majorly three unique signs that Google adopts on any of their adverts banners, these are revealed below;

 1.   The letter “i” sign which stands for more “information”

 2.  The letter “x” sign which denotes “cancel”

3     3.    The letter “i” sign in almost a closed (3/4) circle, it signifies “more information” as well

Further explanation;

These signs are displayed on the right-top banners of any google adverts that is showing on a blog or a website. Diagrammatically from the above, from the first one, the letter “i” which stands for more “information” means anytime you see that sign on a banner you can check more information about that particular product that is displayed (or more information concerning Google ads). But there are some cases where you will be seeing adverts that you don’t wish to see, that is when the second sign “X” comes in (it means you want to cancel that advert from showing on your device through that particular blog), which only occurs when you click on it. The last sign “i” is synonymous to the first one.

Below are practical samples of google adverts gotten from


Other banners that are not of google adverts are displayed below;

As seen, the banners are from Adblabla (a publishing site that pays bloggers for posting their posts)

Below are very clear examples of a google advert banners;

And the major thing similar to them all are those signs that appear at the right-top of each of the banners as explained earlier.

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