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Ojayy Wright: "I Was Called Gay, Spoilt Brat & Mummy's Boy' - Bukky Wright's Son

Bukky Wright's child, Ojayy Wright has dropped a piece for the individuals who affront him, and as per him it truly stings. As indicated by the Nollywood on-screen character's child, the individuals who are detesting on him are on the whole doing that since he's favored. 

Be that as it may he went further to uncover that what troubles him is that, the general population who should have his back, are the ones who light the affront. 

This is what he composed; 

'They have offended me and my individual. They have called me names, from gay to a spoilt whelp, even mummy's kid. They say my own particular is excessively. They don't wanna give me a shot due to my experience. That I am special and that is the reason they abhor on and attempt to piece me. The put-down n negative vibes tossed at me don't trouble me, I have managed it since grade school. What annoys me however, is that the general population that should have your back are the ones that start these stories n lies and that crap Damages'. 

'I know I have committed a considerable measure of errors, and I acknowledge full obligation and truly, I am chipping away at myself and learning regular. I apologize for any of my activities that may have outraged anybody straightforwardly or in a roundabout way on the grounds that in the event that you truly know me, you will realize that I am only a Glad Tyke, nothing else. In any case, I won't apologize for my experience or whatever yeye benefits individuals think I have in light of the fact that This Life is a struggle for All of us, NO special case. crap ain't generally rosey however despite everything we express gratitude toward God for his elegance n kindness over our lives. As it were, I just wanna say a Major THANK YOU to everybody supporting me and my music at the present time (cos that is quite recently all I wanna do, truly. I'm not here to battle or drag anything with anybody) From the television slots to the radio stations, the Dj's, companions, fans, and individuals sef! I truly acknowledge and adore all of you.'
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