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Ugandan Man Watches Woman Drown Because No One To Help Him Hold His Phones

A man told an Ugandan TV channel that he viewed a lady suffocate and couldn't spare her since he had his telephones in his pockets. 

A Twitter client shared a photograph of the man's meeting with the subtitle: 

"This man viewed a lady suffocate. He said he could swim and thought of hopping into the water to spare her. Be that as it may, he had his telephones in his pockets." 

The lady suffocated fleeing from KCCA authorities. She was poor and didn't have genuine open doors. Her life was worth not as much as a telephone. 

He gave a record that excused the authorities at that point said KCCA has requested that the Police examine. Why examine on the off chance that they definitely know? 

In law, he had no obligation to spare the lady. Be that as it may, might be the folks that pursued her into the Nakivubo Channel where she suffocated could be charged.
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