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Introducing The next level of airtime recharge

Introducing The next level of airtime recharge

Have you ever found yourself completely stripped of airtime without any hope of finding one immediately you need it?
Do you have parents or loved ones who look forward to receiving airtime from you?
Have you ever been cut off from an interesting conversation in the middle of the night just because your airtime got exhausted and it looked like all forces are against you recharging?
How did that make you feel? Bad, I suppose. If you have experienced any of this, you will totally relate with this post.

Having adequate airtime on our phones has become a very important part of our lives. There are some calls you don’t envisage; emergency/ important calls, and you don’t wish to be low on airtime at such moments.
That is why our airtime solution, AutoTopUp, is for you. It is automatic and with a one-time set up you’re good to go.
 AutoTopUp monitors your airtime and automatically recharges your phone when your airtime is below your set threshold without you dialing any codes or signing into any app.
With AutoTopUp, you can register your loved ones and staff on the platform for automatic airtime recharge too.

An additional feature is scheduling automatic airtime recharge at preferred interval. For example, schedule AutoTopUp to credit N1000 airtime for someone on his/her forthcoming birthday.
Interestingly, the process is simple, and internet connection is not required for this service after signup.
No extra costs… No service charges… No hidden charges… No stress… No hassles… And you even get free airtime when you activate!
This is how to sign up:

1.    Log on to or visit Google Play Store and download the AutoTopUp app.

2.    Sign up, with your email address. Enter your phone number.
3.    Set the amount you want as Auto top up, and specify a daily, weekly or monthly budget that cannot be exceeded.
4.    Activate your account by adding a valid payment option.
It’s that easy. Focus on other things and trust AutoTopUp to make your life more comfortable.

Visit to find out more.
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