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All You Need To Know About Website Design From Scratch

Website design introduction

Major terms of web design;

www - world wide web.

Editor - Editors are applications designed for the function of writing codes which will later be executed in a browser, Examples are Notepad, Dreamweaver, etc.

Code - Code is a language or commands the computer understands in performing an operation.

Now, if you follow me, you will get everything, in-to-to

I will engage in explanatory method first

What is HTML?

HTML means HyperText Mark-up Language. HTML is a computer language that is used to create websites. A website consists of one or more web pages.

My readers, you are now a coder on board, a programmer, no, no, no, you don't need to be a computer scientist, just let's go, and get along.

My dear coder, you will need a thing, 

A laptop or a desktop computer and then we are good to go, oh, you don't have a laptop or computer? Don't worry, I have got your back, you just listen to me as I make my key explanation, you can even jot or screenshot some crucial point my dear coder. 

Let's get down to business:

Switch on your computer, click on the windows button sometimes called the start button, after clicking it, just type notepad, after typing notepad, it will bring notepad out for you, click on it, the notepad is just like a jotter on the computer.

And ensure you opened the notepad as I instructed, if not, do so now, you will just do another thing now, minimize that. 

To make it realistic I will be snapping it for you as I am performing the operation over here Click enter to access the folder, create another folder inside the folder you entered and name the folder images

Meaning creating another folder Called "images" inside the first folder you created called web


Now, minimize the folder you created and go back to the notepad. After clicking on the Save As option, it will bring another dialogue box which I will show mine below

After clicking on Desktop, it will bring the stuff on your desktop, on that box, navigate to web which is the folder you created

After saving it, minimize the notepad and go to the folder we created on the desktop, the folder we named web

After entering the folder, you will see two things

1. The folder called images

2. The file we named index.html (the .html is an extension which means, the file supports the HTML file for websites) you won't see the .html but it is embedded there

You can double-click on the index so that it can bring the result out for you

This procedure has been done, don't freak out

Document Elements

HTML Tells browser that the included text is in HTML format

Element includes

and other elements

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