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"How I Got Addicted To Eating Books" - Johnspeak Uwangue


By Johnspeak Uwangue (Motivational Speaker, Talent Manager and Coach) 

As an undergraduate in AAU, I was more like a late reader, I seldom read until like 3days to exams. But after graduation, I was discussing with a mentor of mine who happens to be a senior lecturer and he said, "Johnspeak, If you want to go far in your career you must be studious".

After that event, I was studying my bible one night and I started feeling dizzy like I always do when studying, but I pressed on. It got to a point my head was moving on its own and then BAM!, it happened. My eyes were opened, dizziness varnished, and I actually read till the next morning. Now, I can read a 20,000 words write up without feeling tired. I was reading Stephen Covey's THE 8th HABIT book that the words started looking familiar, I later remembered that I have read it before and was reading it the 8th time.

I'd read John Maxwell's TALENT IS NEVER ENOUGH book for about 5hours that I forgot I'd a date.

The key to killing dizziness while studying is to press on no matter how you feel.

(c) Johnspeak Uwangue
Motivational Speaker, Talent Manager and Coach
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