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5 Fashion Trends Any Girl Who Grew Up In The 90s Probably Rocked

Before this age where children start to operate phones about the same time that they can walk, there was the good, ol' 90s where a favourite past-time was playing catcher and ten-ten.

Without the existence of the internet and with television stations resuming broadcast at 4pm only to shut down before midnight, there was little to no entertaining options back in the day.

But children survived. They played with each other, ran errands for their parents and got up to the occasional mischief.

These days, it's very different. The internet is a huge part of our daily lives shaping how we live and even the fashion choices we make.

Though there was no Instagram to suggest styles and trends for parents back then, there were several fads that managed to go viral all by themselves.

From hairstyles to clothes, here are 5 fashion trends any girl who grew up in the 90s probably rocked.

1. The Aunty give me cake dress

We all know someone who rocked this dress. 

It probably has a proper name along the lines of the balloon dress, but we called them the aunty give me cake dress because they only made an appearance during special occasions - either there was a major birthday party, a wedding or it was Christmas.

It didn't help that they were incredibly itchy or bulky, once there was any major outing, you were bundled into the dress with your hair cut into sections and tied with ribbons and clips - party time!

2. Lace trimmed socks

Remember those cute white socks worn with koi koi shoes and aunty give me cake dresses? The ones that get folded once and have lace trimmings on their edges? They were another huge favourite with children from back in the day.

3. Scrunchies

These days children have their hair bound by cute hair bands, back in the day you packed your hair in sections with scrunchies and sealed the deal with plastic barrets.

It was either that or you rocked your all back/patewo/shuku or thread to school.

4. Jellies

With their kitten-sized heels and shiny surface, owning a pair of these shoes officially meant you were a cool kid and were the ultimate Christmas gift. They usually came in a blueish hue and pink colour, and were rocked to birthday or school parties.

These days, jellies are back in the market not just for children, but adults alike.

5. Hairstyles

The hairstyles were legendary.

There was all back, patewo, shuku, basket, calabar and thread to name a few.

Asides the above listed, there were several other trends that any 90s child can relate to such as the rucksack and waistbags that are now back in vogue.

There were also bandanas that came in towards the 2000s and not forgetting the legenadary Cortina and Kito sandals rocked by girls and boys alike.

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