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Lead By Example - ETCSINES

'Do as I say not as I do' is the common character of some Nigerian. We find people who are ready to preach a way to some particular group of people and also instruct them to do as they have heard but the instructors end up going against the rules they have set.
In an interview with a Nigeria Student on the 28th day of November 2017. 

We discovered that the interviewee admitted that Cramming was an habit that was engaged in from her primary even up to Tertiary institution. She went further to say that she doesn't advice any student to Cram and she can go all the way to help in the campaign. The question is why Did she engage in it? A question that we all need to ask if you find yourself engage in such attitude. 

Actions they say speak louder than voice, what kind of action is required for such case? Experience they say is the best teacher, must it always be our experience. What are we advise to do in today's write-up. Always learn to lead by example. Let join hands to eradicate this habit from our Educational Sector. 

Say No To Cramming
Say Yes To Reading
God Bless Nigeria

Written by: Timileyin Oni (God's Intellectual)

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