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The Big Difference between Cramming and Reading - ETCSINES

If you can't defend your result in public, this openly means that you have also failed to present yourself as a noble student and an assute scholar.

If you choose to read for exams sake, it can be seen as you rushing down a bowl of hot rice in just seconds... of which you would not enjoy unlruike taking your time to chew and get the real sweetness of the delicacy. In the same vain if you try to 'gulp' down a whole handout in just 1hour because you believe you will remember better you lie. 

Of course you have stored it, but what happens to what you stored after you have poured it down read? So that you can lead those who have crammed because those that crammed won't be able to deliver when you are delivering, you can trust that while you are talking from the 'bank' of your assimilated readings all they will be able to do is to remember only a few and nod their head in affirmation.

I choose to be a wise Nigerian student by *READING* and not cramming.
I choose to  *LEAD*
I choose to go with *ETCSINES*

Written by Omolola Adeboye Adekunle.
B.Sc Mass Communication

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