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The Easy Way Defined: Cramming - ETCSINES

The Easy Way Defined: Cramming - ETCSINES

In our post yesterday, we sighted some instances that were evident in Students long ago and how they seem to be a change in Today's Student World, how true is this?. Let's find out.
Cramming requires a lot of effort dissipated at one singular direction. We have been there before and we know how it works. A student takes a pile of notesπŸ“”πŸ“”πŸ“”, notes meant for a whole semester, session, or term. The students' position himself or herself on a comfortable table in his room, the table has been there all sessions long but never used, the table regains it useful and relevance all of overnight. 

The students decide to create an atmosphere for fresh air to gain entrance into the room. The students make sure that the other person beside him or she does not talk or whisper a word, this is done for full concentration. The students began to pick the words in the book, word after words, sentence after sentence, and line after line. The students becomes a living example of the Holy Scripture, "Line after Line, Precept After Precept". The students repeat the words four to five times, recite it countless times for him or her to be sure it sinks. This is done just only in one night with the intention of offloading. "A Tragedy Beheld"

How easy can it get? it will definitely give the grade you are looking for but leaves an indelible mark of emptiness in the brain of such student. It becomes a normal practice and the students become the top of his or her class. He is revered by Lecturers and Teachers at that present stage but disgraced by panel of judges, CEO of Companies and so on while searching for a Job in Future. "A Temporary Happiness".

The "Easy Way" became widely accepted, those who tried it wanted to let their friends know about it when the Book Warm in class get wind of it and beheld the results its producing, the honor bestowed on their fellow coursemate, Jealousy set in.
The "Book Warm" begin to ask themselves serious of questions: How could he have done it? He is the most playful type, We know what he is capable of? He is Cramming Right, We Pity him
 At first, they began to despise the people who are involved in it, they castigate them, they mock them, they tagged them as "Crammers". The students involved in such act ignore the abuse, ignore the correction to the detriment of their future. The happiness enjoyed is the more than enough for them now.

Then what is the best definition giving to this "Easy Way": *"It is a process of storing information with the intended purpose of discarding such information for temporary glory and honor".

What Next? The Wide Spread of the Easy Way was on the high. Many forgot the value that was bestowed on them from Childhood, they forget how they started. Join us Tomorrow as we disclose how it was transferred from one student to another. You can also like us on Facebook @etcsine, follow us on Instagram and Twitter using the same handle @Etcsine. Let join hands and fight the menace out of our Educational Sector.

Written by: Timileyin Oni (God's Intellectual)

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