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The Role Lecturers Played In Cramming - ETCSINES


The rate at which the level of academic performance of Nigeria education has been in decline for the past three to four year has been noticed by various examination bodies. The fault was said to have come from the lack of concentration from the student to pay attention to urgent matters of necessity. I.e not reading, playing to much of game to the extent that the federal government of Nigeria put a ban on FIFA games from entering the country. 

Back in the 1990s the academic performance then was of a standard level because of the ability of our father’s to take urgent matters first. Recently, the ability of the teaches have come to question, starting from Ekiti State during the regime of former governor Kayode Fayemi who chose to put the ability of the teaches to test by giving them exams. So many of them failed and was demoted. Recently the governor of Kaduna State el-Rufai gave similar test to the primary school teacher of the state and over thousands of teachers were to be layer off by the Kaduna State government. It has become a disheartened situation when teaches failed the test that was meant for their student. 

In the words of President Buhari “it is a very serious situation, when teachers cannot pass the exams that they are suppose to teach the children to pass”. The PUNCH, November 14, 2017.
It has been said if this test was to be carried out nation wide it will reveal how rotten Nigeria educational sector have been finished by the incompetence of the teacher and the inability of the student to pay attention to urgent matters at when necessary. 

The students have come under attack for their inability to read and understand but only to cram to pass examination and the act of lecturers to tell their student to give them back what has been given. First what is *CRAMMING* information  hastily memorized, that the shortest way to define cramming. When the information is stored within a short time their is every tendency that the information will be forgotten after the information stored is used. 

Personally, I don’t like cramming, I will say I don’t even no how to cram but I find myself cramming all in the name of lecturers tell me that I mist give him what he gave in is handout. Which has killed the ability to create among Nigeria students. When you cram u lack creativity you wouldn’t be able to solve long time solution leaving the Nigeria University Graduate out without the solution solving mentality. Has the saying goes “The Beautiful Ones are not yet born” form generations before and the generations now and the ones not yet born, if the system of cramming is not eliminated, the Nigeria quest for a solution solving generation will never be achieved. The question is do you want to become the generation that will put an end to Nigeria poor social, economic, governance, educational performance, then you have to out an end to cramming because does cramming today will be your children teacher/lecturer tomorrow. 

Written by Afuye Olumide

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