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The Spread of The Easy Way: Cramming - ETCSINES

The Spread of The Easy Way: Cramming - ETCSINES

Truth be told, Nothing good comes easy but if you get the desired result in a subject what will you call that, you answer is as good as mine. There is no smoke without fire the elders say but if the smoke hasn't reached the level when it burst out into fire, what do you call that?

The Easy Way became something not ashamed of, everyone wanted to be associated with it due to the temporary benefit it provided, it became a widely accepted ideology. The mindset was created by this Ideology and it is our Job to change the mindset of Nigeria Student about this. *This is why this campaign program is targeted at "Eradicating the Cramming System in Nigeria Educational Sector.

Row, Row, Row, Your boat, Gently on the stream, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Life is just a stream. The song has a lot of meanings attached to it, if only it unravel. The spread of the Easy way was a result of people responding to it. Every Student wanted to be associated with success but are unwilling to pay the price to get.

It is so disheartening to look at a graduate of a prestigious university in Nigeria, studied Mass Communication and when asked in an interview what is the function of a Tripod was but no answer could be provided. What A Shock!!!!

The question is what has this student being doing for the Pass four years in school. This is one of the resultant effects of the "Easy Way". The students lack the ability to defend, reproduce or at worst case implement what they have been taught in a real-life scenario.

The Easy way spread because Student didn't pay much attention to it, they felt it just something that is needed for that particular period of time. Who lied to them? They have been thoroughly deceived and we open through this campaign their eyes of Understanding will be open and they will be able to see the true light of what it truly is.

The Question we must ask you is what is the difference between Reading and Cramming. They seem to be a connection between them but they are different. Before we can give you a clear difference between the two there is a need to give operational define both. Why don't you read our next post as we disclose to you through definition and experience what Reading is? You can also like us on Facebook @etcsine, follow us on Instagram and Twitter using the same handle @Etcsine. Let join hands and fight the menace out of our Educational Sector.

Written by: Timileyin Oni (God's Intellectual)

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