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The Stigma Attached To Cramming - ETCSINES


Have you ever wondered why some students tends to feel bad when accused of Cramming. No one wants to have an affiliation with the word but they want to practice it. Sometimes, to show their disinterest in it, they tend to say it jokingly but when faced with an interrogation of how they got they result and what method they used and it was discovered they crammed, they tend to feel bad.

According to Human Relation Research, no one wants to be tagged as a Crammer but wants to be called a Reader. The mindset created around Reading because of the prior knowledge people have on it. Everyone wants to be called a Reader but no one wants to be called a Crammer, the question is why is this so?
We have found out that it not that people do not know how bad the system is but the gospel truth is that they can help it. They are either forced, intimidated or cajole to adopt it by friends, family, lecture and the system of Education in Nigeria. 

But do you know that Cramming is a choice, you can either decide to cram or not to cram. Our advice to those who will be reading today's write-up is that they should choose rightly because the choices they make today is one way or the other dependent on their success in future. 
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Say No To Cramming
Say Yes To Reading
Let Us Reawaken The Reading Culture Of Nigeria Student
God Bless Nigeria.

Written by Timileyin Oni (God's Intellectual)

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