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What led Nigeria Student to Cramming? - ETCSINES

What led Nigeria Student to Cramming? - ETCSINES

The love for wanting to come out first and best in academic pursuit makes Nigeria student go into cramming because they believe that all their parent ask for from them is the best and to get this they need to give whatever it takes. They go as far as wanting to put down what they were taught in the class word for word. 

Pressure from parents is a major cause.
Also, the belief that if I don't have first class I can't be rich and famous. The world today is not after your DEGREE but your DELIVERY. What u know and can deliver puts money in your pocket, food on your table and a star to your name. A student who depended solely on cramming while in school wouldn't be a blessing to DELIVER  as expected.

Also, the inability for them to assimilate is another contributing factor to the wide use of the cramming method by Nigeria students.(this might be a fault from the lecturers' end...in his/her inability to simplify what is disseminated to students) 

Written by: Adeboye Omolola (Dekunle Aremu)

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