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What You Need Before You Become A Non-Frustrated Blogger

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Recently, when a survey or discussion is being carried out on part-time businesses in Nigeria, some people do mention blogging as one of the profitable online business one can do part-time in Nigeria and rake good profits monthly.

Well, their claim may be true to an extent especially when some top Nigerian bloggers are multi-millionaires. But is blogging really a “part-time or quick money making venture” as most people think? My answer is a big NO.

Blogging may have been a part-time and zero capital online business some 8 years upward ago when there was no competition, but now it’s never a part-time and zero capital business because of only the competition in it (that’s if you don’t want to be frustrated).

However, if you decide to blog part-time with zero capital, then you should remove money making from your mind for the first say 2 years. I will tell you why later.

Gone are the days someone will start blogging with zero capital and grow in the career because of the high rate of competition and challenges in it. Remember the toughest part in blogging is how to expose your blog to targeted audience (getting visitors to your blog) and in blogging term it’s called TRAFFIC. There are free means to get traffic to your blog using social media like FaceBook, Twitter etc, but to really fit into the competition, you need premium (paid) promotion of your blog. (This area is the area that will frustrate your blogging career if you don’t have a well mapped out plan for it).

Also, you need to survey the area/niche of blogging you are good at before venturing into blogging. If you want to go into news/current affairs blogging like Brainnews NG, Gossip Mill, Information NG etc then be ready to be a full time blogger else you are just joking with yourself. This area of blogging will require more attention because you need to always keep your ear on ground and look around for breaking news to post on your site (not copy and paste).

Aside from posting the news, you will need to get visitors to read the news you just posted and this is where paid promotion of your blog comes in. Current affairs news expires as the clock ticks so you need to get your posts to your targeted readers as soon as possible. If you are using free methods, you won’t beat the completion.

On the other hand, if you want to blog part-time then I strongly advise you to go into professional niche blogging. This involves blogging on a particular niche you are good at example technology, automobile, health, business, love/relationship etc. A niche where people can always run to your blog for professional guidance and advice. You can update your blog at any convenience time without worry about the competition because your articles are for targeted readers and the articles don’t expire with time as with news/current affairs article.

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