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Where It All Started: The Genesis of The Easy Way - ETCSINES

Where It All Started: The Genesis of The Easy Way - ETCSINES

Nigeria, The Pride of Africa, The Beauty of African Soil. I wonder what the westerner saw in us for them to troop into the country. It's a very simple answer, they saw a group of people that possessed natural wealth and lived in Harmony. Truth be told, there was no one who saw the densely packed group of people that wouldn't be attracted to them as a tourist is attracted to a beautiful site.

History reveals that the only way they could communicate with these set of people was to teach them how to read and write. The ability to understand signs and to write those signs and symbols down. Fellow readers, to cut the long story short, the method gained dominance and the people became adapted to this method, the rapport was built between the Westerners and the people who are known to be Nigerians today.

That was a short journey into our Educational history. 

A few years later, the reverse was the case, things took a new shape, the pride a Nigerian student enjoys when he searches for Knowledge disappeared, what could have been the cause?🤔🤔🤔 What warranted such act?🤔🤔🤔. These are questions that we need to answer in the next 365 days.
I know of a generation back then when everyone strives to know better than the other, you are rated by the residual of Knowledge you have and the ability to reproduce and implement that knowledge in solving Life-threatening situations. It seems that era is fading away. We are presented with a group of students that don't want to be called a nerd or a bookworm, at the slightest mention of the word "Readers" they feel outdated or not up to the standard. Reading to know and retain for future use became a virus, that no one wanted to be associated with. Let's understand that the Reading discussed here is not the ability to understand written words and communicate them but the ability to retain the written words, implement them, apply them to solve problems and create life-changing opportunities in this Country, Nigeria.

We have a group of students who want to get the results for the temporary test of knowledge (Examination) by any means, forgetting that the real test of knowledge comes at the junction where you are to reproduce or defend what you have got (Job Creation and Employment). The era of the burning of night candles is plying the road of "Extinction' and if those candles are burnt, they are burnt because they want to get good grades. The era of sleeping on your books and almost tearing it apart with saliva that emanated from getting every words and letter in the white book filled with ink into your head has become outdated. 
The easy way was introduced, the way of getting it on the platter of Gold. 
Oh, I remember what one of my lecturers told me while I was in school, he said to his class that day, "Sons and Daughters, read and read until you doze off, when you doze off due to heavy eyes, you will wake up and meet the book there, and what should you do when your eyes are cleared? Continue reading because reading doesn't kill".

Then I asked myself a question, do such Lecturers still exist? Point of Correction, he isn't a lecturer, he is a "Teacher". Do such students that are willing to pay the price my lecturer gave us still exist?. How did we find ourselves at this spot? It all began when Nigerian Students started Looking for the easy way. Join us on this same platform as we reveal to you the easy way we are talking about. Some would say, Is it really easy as you think. Find out on tomorrow's write-up. You can as well follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @Etcsines. Great Nigerian Students, let's Say No to Cramming and Eradicate the Cramming System in Nigeria's Educational Sector. 

Written by: Timileyin Oni (God's Intellectual)

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