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You Trust The Banks With Your Money, But They Don't Trust You With Their Pen

Ask any rational individual the reason why he/she keeps money in the bank, the most likely answer you hear is that he trusts the bank when it comes to keeping their money, which is very advisable for every individual. Of course, it is important that everyone should keep their valuables in the bank as it remains secured and far from the hands of the kleptomanias. If you notice (though with Nigeria banks) that the pen available to customers to use whenever it is needed is always tied to the counter (the table/slab) either with a rope or rubber band. The question remains, why is this so? Lol, It is so because the bankers do not trust you with their pens (it could be stolen). 

Now, let's do a little analysis of what is actually happening. The bank that will have the lowest customers will have at least 100,000 customers and each of the customers will have an average of 80,000 naira in their account in a month. Therefore, the bank is in charge of 100,000x80,000= 8,000,000,000 naira in a month (which I know it is far much greater than this). And at the end of the month, the banks deduct maintenance fees from every customer. This is what I am trying to derive. Despite the total currency that the bank is/are in charge off, they (bank) can not still trust the customers that trust them with their money with their pen(s). 

This act the bank adopts provokes a lot of customers, but the thing is that they don't have any other alternative to keep their valuables aside the banks.And funny enough, some other customers will say to their colleagues that how come you have thousands of naira in your account but you have no pen to use, isn't that embarrassing? 


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