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Adequate Study Time - ETCSINES

Adequate Study Time

The word "Adequate" means to make equal or provide ample opportunity for a particular endeavor. To create adequate study time between your academic activities such has attending lectures and your social activities, they are some factors to consider.

These steps to follow should be seen as medium to which a student can get the desire result. They are:
1. Set your goals and priority for the semester and develop a plan to achieve it. Some may be 
academic and other my be physical fitness, relationship or personal growth. 
2. Gain control of your study environment. I.e look for a free place you can study and make 
sure it’s only meant for study. Arrange to study regularly
3. Learn to manage your time effectively. Make a time priority and stick to it. Make a daily list 
of things to do. Assign each item a priority.
4. Encourage yourself to study through rational thinking. 

Recognise your irrational ideas about study and replace with helpful ideas.
Eliminate thinking that result in procrastination.
Develop a positive attitude toward schoolwork. (student counseling service) 
These steps will help you to have a adequate study time and attain the highest grade in your academic

*I choose to set my goal right*
*I choose to manage my time*
*I Believe in ETCSINES.*

Written by: Afuye Olumide

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