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Are all Readers Leaders, Are all Crammers Readers, Are all Leaders Crammers? - ETCSINES

Are all Readers Leaders, Are all Crammers Readers, Are all Leaders Crammers? - ETCSINES

As I have said in Exam Tension it is difficult to practice what we read. Reading and practice are two different dimensions of a learned man. We read to obtain knowledge and we practice to sustain and maintain knowledge. Can all readers be leaders? No! Not all readers read to obtain knowledge, most readers read to pass exams. Are crammers readers?  A reader will read sentences steadily, review it with a firm mind to see that they have acquired no mistake in its extremest clause.

 A reader will enjoy reading but a crammer will only read to prove himself to the world. A crammer is not confident in the outcome of his results but a reader is confident and ready to take more questions. No! Crammers are not leaders. Are all leaders crammers? A Crammer will not be able to maintain the required knowledge nor sustain it. A crammer is weak and cannot serve the purpose of leadership.

Reading can be so tiresome but anything worth doing is worth doing well. Read when you are happy, read where you can assimilate, read what you can comprehend, read how you will understand, read to obtain knowledge. We all have different methods and time of assimilation don't let Bs time determine your time of reading. Play less, listen more. Be determined and stay focused. 

Written by: Pamilerin Erinolorunda (Waye_Pam)

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