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Are all Readers Leaders, Are all Crammers Readers, Are all Leaders Crammers? 2 - ETCSINES

Are all Readers Leaders, Are all Crammers Readers, Are all Leaders Crammers? 2 - ETCSINES

I will start by asking this question? Do you know the difference between Bill Gate, Steve Jobs, your class teacher and your grandfather? The difference between them is the "knowledge" they have gotten through "reading". Bill Gate reads at list one book per week and he was asked in a program that which superpower will he like to have and he replied he will like to read faster. He did not ask for more money because he realized that information is power the more you read the greater your chances of acquiring quality information, the more you get the desired power to lead your world.

Cramming has a stigma to it, crammers are not proud of what they do but have no other option due to some factors ranging from their inability to see the benefit of Reading, lack of adequate study time, the unsuitable academic environment of Nigeria education and so on.

There is a popular quote which goes thus; "The person you will be in five years depends on the book you read and the people you hang with. The person you will be in the future depends on what you do today. The books you read, the information you take in positive or negative the movies you watch will affect your future. Whatever you feed your mind today will be your future. If all you do is take in garbage guess what your future is going to be made up of? The truth is what you do every day will dictate your future. Crammers are also readers but when they read they leave out the information and take in what they want, its just like a scanner a scanner scans through a band get what ever you want it to get and leave out the rest. "That is who a crammer is".

Leaders don’t cram the reason why they read is to get more information because information is power and once you are a leader you have the power, you don’t cram to get information you cram to solve urgent situations at hand (Exam tension, fear of failure). The truth of it all is that readers also have crammed but it is your ability to recognise that cramming does not make you become a leader it only kills your potential. Leaders are potential readers they always want to be up to date on current trends in economics, politics, and other trends in the world. 

What you want out of life: you must read into it, if you want success read into it, all this thing come through reading. A crammer will only taste success for a temporary time but will not eat out of it in the long run. You have only one option and it's reading not Cramming

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Written by: Afuye Olumide

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