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Are Readers Leaders? - ETCSINES

Are Readers Leaders?

It's a well known catch-phrase and fact that *"All readers are leaders but not all leaders are readers"* We'll be looking at this in relation to our theme, *Reading vs. Cramming: which way forward?* What is the distinguishing factor between *leaders who read and the ones who don't?* What is the secret behind leaders who reign and remain in positions of authority and relevance for many years? You don't have to search for the answer, it's something we can all do, ```reading. ``` You may want to ask "How is that possible?"

Only leaders who are readers learn more continuously through reading. Readers can take and maintain leadership positions for as long as they desire. They are equipped with what they learnt in the four walls of the classroom and outside those walls and can easily apply them to real life situations even if it's several years after. However, this is not the same story for leaders who cram. Their knowledge is brief and cannot be applied after a certain number of years or even months. When faced with similar situations in the course of their rule or reign, they only have a vague idea of what to actually do or steps to take in providing solutions to such situations.

Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (DuwaDiva)

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