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Are Readers Leaders? (Part 2) - ETCSINES

Are Readers leaders? (Part 2)

        Reading is gaining experiences from people, even those far away, people you've never seen or met and may probably not throughout your entire lifetime. It's an avenue to know more, garner lasting knowledge from people who have been there, experienced it and decided to put it into writing to guide you through similar paths. Cramming is brief, for the purpose of passing momentarily while reading is for the purpose of knowing and understanding principles to be applied in even years to come.
            This same principle applies to leaders who read, they garner knowledge from several seasoned leaders they may not even get to meet in person. For every reader who knows the power they possess, they will lead and manage large crowds effectively....why? Because they have read about others doing so and how they did. All of these have been stored in their long term memory, hence, they can easily call for them when the need arises and make use of them in real life situations. 
        Have you always desired to lead? Have you ever imagined yourself or daydreamed making impacts, managing tons of people, being ushered into events with people on their feet for you, being at the peak of greatness, being that leader, celebrity you admire, being roared with applauses at the end of a brilliant speech or talk? Why not dump Cramming and the ills that come with it and embrace Reading.

Say No To Cramming 
Say Yes To Reading
Team Save Nigeria's Educational System 

Written by: Aduragbemi Akintepede (DuwaDiva)

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