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Cramming: The Mindset of the Only Option - ETCSINES

Cramming: The Mindset of the Only Option - ETCSINES

The constant inability of  students to pick up their note and read after every class is what pushes them to cramming when it's just few weeks to exam. The best way to assimilate is constant reading so that you will get used to every wordings in the note. A student who only reads during exam cannot do as well as that student who has been reading. 

If we limit ourselves to just cramming, we are putting ourselves under undue pressure and stress because when one word is missing in what you crammed, you have lost the whole sentence.

If we can take our minds off cramming as our only option and start reading, we will be able to deliver more. 
We cram because we believe that if we don't read we have the option of cramming.

I will read and assimilate 
I will stop cramming 
I will support ETCSINES

Omolola Adeboye Adekunle 
B.Sc Mass Communication

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