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Do Cramming and Reading share the same advantage? - ETCSINES

Do Cramming and Reading share the same advantage - ETCSINES

At the very beginning you might feel comfortable cramming feeling like the advantage is more than reading to assimilate but when you will understand that there is no advantage to cramming is when you leave school and the first class you crammed for doesn't put food on your table because you can't put what you crammed into practice.

Definitely there is a large difference between reading and cramming because a reader reads to *LEAD* but a student who crams to pass for some sought of reason will have him/herself to blame later when he/she becomes rather irrelevant in the Society.
Let us read today because it is what you read that stays with you, and that exactly is what *LEARNING* is. 
I choose to read and assimilate 
I stand against cramming.

Written by: Omolola Adeboye Adekunle 

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