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How Parents Have Contributed To The Cramming - ETCSINES

How Parents Have Contributed To The Cramming - ETCSINES

Right from when I was a toddler, I tried so hard to be perfect even if it was just for a person to notice my efforts. Everyone called me a "dunce," my mom was embarrassed about me. My sorrows dropped as tears on my books. I wanted to be the best among the rest. I was tired of not being good enough to mummy and daddy.

My home became a court and my family the judge. Happiness left me behind, my siblings were most preferred to me. So I decided to embark on a journey to show my parents I could be the best. I studied intensively and increased in my grades. From my usual F's I upgraded to D's but I was still disregarded. 

I was beginning to lost the companion of my childhood. I read a lot but could not comprehend appropriately. 
I became sad and lost, I felt bitter and foolish. 
I was believed to be a failure. Not even my parents had a little faith in me. 
I couldn't have been glad! So I decided to embark on another journey
To beat down the expectations of many. The difference this time was that; 
I studied to prove I wasn't a failure
I studied with the determination to pass
I studied to make my parents proud
I studied to be praised. 
I gave my all to fight to the last, my best was becoming good enough. 
Happiness came back to me
Joy found me at last
Love welcomed me at every opportunity
My parents became proud of me
The companion I lost came back to me
But little did my parents understand that there is a difference between cramming the mind with information and educating oneself. 

Written by: Eniolorunda Olawapamilerinayo (way_pam)

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  1. Cramming is a terrible thing. It does not help a child. I always encourage my fellows to read, understand and do the application in real life experience