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John Oden: Soldier Sends His Wife Christmas Message From Military Base (Pics)

A Nigerian military officer,John Oden,has penned a touching letter to his beautiful wife on social media.He shared the love letter with his wife ahead of Christmas celebrations.According to him,hehe would like to wish her Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before leaving to defend the country.The soldier was recently called to defend the country.

In his Facebook post, the man who prayed that his wife would never become a young widow noted that he knows his wife would not want to live the rest of her life without him because he doesn’t want to live his life without her.

He expressed that most wives would love to spend the festive season with their husbands, adding that he would not be able to do so due to the vow he made to protect the country wherever and whenever.Below is what he wrote.

'Sweetheart i know it not easy for you to stay for years without me by ur side.it not also easy for me to stay years too without my beautiful queen by my side mostly when it cums to festive period like this, when other non military wife's will be enjoying d season with their men by their side.but sweetheart u got to understand that i have made a vow to defend my country anywhere anytym am been call upon, but i sure know and pray that God will never allow u to be a young widow,in d course of me fighting for d peace of my country.stay bless my queen just want to wish u marry x-mas and a happy new year in advance.i miss u my queen'

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