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Meet Zainab Eze, Student Who Owns 7 Acres Of Cassava Farm (Photos)

Zainab Eze, (The Ranch Young lady) is a 22 year old agriculturist who claims and deals with a 7 sections of land of cassava farmland in a little town in Edo State. 

She is a 500 level understudy of Agrarian Financial matters at the College of Benin, Benin City. She wandered into cultivating in the early periods of 2017 in which her first gather of maize on a section of land of land was in June that year. 

Zainab used to have a fairly insane thought of getting hitched when she turns 22, with N50 million in her financial balance. There she was, on her 22nd birthday and she isn't prepared for marriage nor had she made near N1million. 

That was her reminder. That idea impelled her to get her diggers and blades on her farmland.

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