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OAU Student Drag Racing on Xmas Day Dies In Horrible Crash (Pics)

Keep in mind late Paul Walker, one star of the uber-establishment Quick and Angry? He passed away in a most frightful way. Observers say the vehicle he kicked the bucket in was speeding before it collided with a light post and burst into blazes that totally burned him and his sidekick. 

Why am I making this dreary reference? Straightforward reason: speed slaughters, is as yet executing. 

A Nigerian Tweeter @chukaobi shared a ghastly onlooker record of the threats of speeding. For this situation, the general population included were racing at the midnight hour. Is it accurate to say that they were inebriated? High on adrenaline? 

One clarification is the casualty was individual from a race group, and was notwithstanding going to partake in a major occasion one year from now, so maybe he saw the midnight hour as an opportunity to grandstand his aptitudes.

Read below:

"At exactly 12:50am today (Christmas Day) my Uni alumni pals & I were coming out of Lekki County Estate when two cars flashed by us, the sound they made you’d think they’re power bikes. 3minutes later 1 lost control & crashed right under the footbridge. Here’s what’s left of a BMW"

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