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Piling of Lecture Note - ETCSINES

Piling of Lecture Note - ETCSINES

Have you ever wondered how you can bomb a test after studying for hours? A poor test result after many hours of faithful studying is a real confidence buster! If this happens to you, it’s possible that your current study habits are failing you! But you can turn it around.

The process of learning is still a little mysterious, but studies do show that the most effective process for studying involves highly active behavior over a period of time. In other words, to study effectively, you must read, draw, compare, memorize, and test yourself over time. Lately, I have learnt to know that students are attached with the lackadaisical attitude of piling up notes till when there is emergency ( examination or tests). Piling up of lecture notes demote a student research ability. 

Permit me to use my favourite game as an example...candy crush....as you know that the higher you go, the harder the level. You can’t keep piling up one star and expect yourself to be the first on the leader board but with three points in conjunction with consistent practice would make you on the list. Let's come back to the educational world, consistent practice, evaluation, brainstorming sessions and research would enlighten you more on what you studying about. Piling of notes results in academic mediocrity putting you in a state of higi haga when exam mode comes in. 

Building up of notes and learning materials becomes a huge, unstructured messy pile of stuff. Piling of lecture notes is not an issue of form but of spirit, involve not of minority but majority, is not a matter of theory but of practice ,is not for one day but for the long haul. Students purpose should not be on short term goals but long term goals. I believe we would keep learning till we grow old. Howbeit if you don't know the basis when your brain has the capacity now,when it is still fresh and succulent than when it begins to shrink? Piling won't make a student assimilate faster, it would only make them look like a dummy. A student that keeps piling notes cannot have a common goal, would fail to protect his race and would be unable to compete against ideas. 

Though, the educational world has critics against progressive thinkers and that's why the ETCISNES Campaign would keep campaigning until we are not being criticised. Ask a first class graduate what he did in his preceding years in school and u would know he has no knowledge, you would notice he only piles up note and awaits for judgement day. Many students do not apply themselves but claim the workload is heavy, am sure our efficiency should be 100% . Let's try to exceed Newton's first law of motion, we don’t need an external force to act on us before we skim and scan our books. Let's be largely oriented on this.

Written by  Juilet Akomolafe

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