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Purpose of Reading, "Are all Readers Leaders?" - ETCSINES

Purpose of Reading, "Are all Readers Leaders?" - ETCSINES

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When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable, these were the words of the Late Dr. Myles Munroe. I have come to realize that if the essence of something is not well spelled out, the misuse of that thing is bound to occur. I am very sure that the primary reason why we were given the ample opportunity to acquire knowledge in our various field of study is for us to be empowered to produce results that are enviable, Undisputed, Spectacular and Long Lasting with the sole aim of impacting our world in a bid to create, build or keep a legacy.

Are all Readers Leaders? It's a question that seeks to unravel the mystery behind leading. I once believe in the school of thought that readers were leaders, but when knowledge increased, I discovered that what I believe was partially true. Why? It simply boils down to the fact that what you do with what you read single you out to lead. In a case where what you read is not been applied, the reverse is the case and various reasons can be cooked up for such disadvantage but a reason seems to surmount every other reason presented. Your Guess is a good as mine, Cramming.

what then seems to be the missing link. I found out that not all "Readers are Leaders", but all "Leaders are Reader" there is aspect in which a student, parent, employer etc read with the sole aim of using what is read to lead, while there is an aspect in which those same students, parents, individual reads with the intention of fulfilling a particular task at hand. 

This suggests to me that what makes a reader a leader is the motive behind the reading done yesterday, today and tomorrow. #Leaders are ardent Readers.

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