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Reading Can Change Your Life - ETCSINES

Reading Can Change Your Life - ETCSINES

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As I put pen to paper and write on how reading can change your life, I am irresistibly drawn to the urge to share my personal experience from my early years as an adolescent. I was in my second year in secondary school, I could hardly participate in conversation or communicate properly, I was reserved and drawn to my self, my self esteem and confidence were at its lowest ebb, I desperately searched for a solution. 

I found solace in reading, even though I was classified in Art class as an aspiring law student. I read books on Physics, Chemistry, the Solar System, Medicine, Zoology ,Electricity, Music, World History and every and any book I could lay my hands on. I read while in the convenience, I read while others had laid down for the night, I read anytime and everywhere, there was always a book around me. Within a short frame of time, my self esteem and self confidence soared. I was able to interact and communicate effectively. I learnt to listen even though I had a lot to say, I learnt to have an open mind and became less prejudicial or judgmental, I gave people opportunity to blossom. 

I had access to people I never thought I could have access to because I could communicate with them. I learnt the discipline of silence and also the beauty of conversation. I became a better person because I read good books. In conclusion, it is good to read, but except when you are reading generally or on a popular issue choose wisely the books you expose yourself to. Every private writer has a message either hidden or plain to pass across and as you open yourself to read their book you also give them an overwhelming power to influence you. 

Thank you.

Written by: Tola Arawomo (a legal practitioner and a writer)

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